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There’s a lot happening in this city of mine. Development, industrialization, arts, and education have colonized her for the better. She’s the Deccan Queen and the Oxford of the East. There’s been extravagant progress and the adjoining downsides. But this beautiful vestige of the British Raj has kept a robust balance of the old and new. She owes a lot of it to the people here: warm, friendly, and proactive with a passionate concern for her well-being and long life. There are eco-friendly initiatives all over, green caps, and fervent activities to dump the plastic. She’s a lucky city all in all. I’m lucky to have a nook here where I can have people over, provide them a homier feeling, and give them a peek of this hydra-headed beauty of a city!

I’ve had the privilege of pioneering this segment of hospitality service under the banner Home from Home in Viman Nagar, Sound business principles, complete discipline, raving passion for my work, affable and gregarious temperament, and unbending persistence have made me carve a niche in the industry resulting in deep partnerships with prestigious clients.

I invite you for a complete walk-through of my labor of love, Home from Home.

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